Special Projects

The Johnny Mullins Collection

Melinda Mullins Presents The Johnny Mullins Collection, Volume 1

Album and video series produced by Jim Rea.

Part 1 – “Introduction”

Part 2 – “Let It Ride”

Part 3 – “I’ll Leave the Cryin’ to the Rain”

Part 4 – “I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees”

Listen to a couple of sample tracks.

 In Nashville
 I Dreamed I Saw America on Her Knees
 Kiss Me

The HillBenders present…The Who’s TOMMY: A Bluegrass Opry

www.whograss.com – www.hillbenders.com
Jim Rea is the arranger and musical director of a fully acoustic/bluegrass interpretation of The Who’s rock opera Tommy, featuring upright bass, banjo, mandolin, dobro, and guitar. The 6 act production has found it’s home at festivals, theaters, and performing arts center from coast to coast and around the world in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Songs and Strings of the OzarksSongs and Strings of the Ozarks

Jim Rea acted as producer, musician, and contributor on this compilation of songwriters from the musical prolific city of Springfield, MO. Musicians would come into the studio and lay down guitar and vocals and Jim Rea would arrange violins, cellos, and double bass to the mix. Jim Rea also added additional instruments as needed and mixed and mastered the record. When released, the funds were donated to a local animal shelter.

Listen to a couple of sample tracks.

 Wind and Sky – Brandon Moore
The Thought of You – Eric Weiler
 Skinny Dip Waltz – Steve Ames

Springfield Real Book

The Springfield Real Book started as part of my Master’s Thesis. I was exploring the different sides to jazz music throughout history and how most genres are dependent on standard tunes as a means for teaching, defining, and establishing players. As a composer myself, I wanted to reach beyond standard music and find original “jazz” charts from local writers/players. I was surprised at the lack of songwriters or lack of interest in original music from even the most seasoned players. At this time I had just borrowed an alto sax from my step dad and used it to start writing more and learn the instrument. Those songs combined with others I had done throughout the years started the Springfield Real Book. I sgfrealbookcultivated songs from a handful of other writers and now have over 40 tunes by 15 writers. It has become a lifetime project that I hope to spread to the larger Midwest markets by the 3rd edition.

Listen to a couple of sample tracks.

 South and Walnut
 Thin Mints

Download a sample PDF from the Springfield Real Book.

If you have submissions for the Springfield Real Book or would like a link to the Real Book for free, please contact me via email or phone.